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How To Swim With MySwimPro - WearOS
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The MySwimPro WearOS app is compatible with watches running WearOS 3 or later. Sample watches include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and 6

  • Google Pixel 1 and 2 (heart rate, lap and split recording not supported)

Setting Up

  1. Make sure you have bluetooth enabled on your phone and the Garmin watch

  2. Search for MySwimPro in the app store on your watch

  3. Install

  4. Open up the phone app > Settings > Enter Watch Code

  5. Enter in Code you see on the watch

How to Load a Guided Workout on Your WearOS Watch

  • Make sure your phone and watch are connected to the internet.

  • Open the MySwimPro app on your watch.

  • Scroll to select a Workout of the Day, your Training Plan or view your Workout Library.

  • Select a workout, and scroll down on your watch to view the workout structure and intervals.

  • Tap Start Workout to swim!

  • Note: If you want to make edits to a workout before swimming, save the edited workout to your library & navigate to “My Library” on the watch to open and swim the workout.

Need Support?

Our Community Champion would love to help! Contact us at or use the messenger.

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