Known Issues: iOS App
List of known issues being worked on by the team and possible workarounds.
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If the issue you're reporting is listed below, it's on our radar and under investigation. Where appropriate, we will note any temporary workarounds. In all cases, a fix is in the works. Thank you for your patience!

If your issue is not listed below, please try these steps:

1) Uninstall & Reinstall app
2) Restart your devices

These steps often resolve unexpected issues. โ€‹If that doesn't resolve things, please send us an email or use the messenger about the issue so we can address it.

We will update this article each time we release a fix for any issue described here.

Known Issues:

Bug: The Profile Tab & Community Tab are freezing on the Free Version.
Workaround: Delete + reinstall the app. The issue will be fully resolved.
All of your data is linked to your account and will return when you log back in. If you log in and your data is missing, then you are on the wrong account.

Bug: Achievements are not always being awarded right away
Workaround: After you log your next workout, your achievement will be awarded

Bug: Saved Dryland workouts open in Edit mode and don't have Start Workout button.


Version: 8.6.9

  • Resolved and issue where the workout preview time did not match the workout exactly

  • Performance improvements on the completed workouts screen

  • Small bug fixes and performance improvements

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