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The MySwimPro Coach subscription is our most personalized coaching experience for swimmers. This membership is the most comprehensive swimming training program available, and includes full access to all features in the app.

Get fully personalized swim training, including customized Training Plans, hundreds of personalized Guided Workouts, Detailed Analytics, Technique Videos, and more.

Coach is great for pool or open water swimmers, and a smartwatch is optional!

Purchase MySwimPro Coach in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, or on our website.

Swim Features

Below is a list of the swimming features included in MySwimPro Coach:

  • Log unlimited Swim Workouts

  • New Workout of the Day 365 days a year

  • Personalized Intervals generated by our DynamicSwim Algorithm

  • Stroke-specific Workout Library

  • Drill & technique Video Library

  • Swimming Analytics & Tracking

  • Detailed stroke, split & SWOLF data

  • Compete in monthly Swim Challenges

Personalized Swim Training Plans

Enter your swimming goals and your best times in MySwimPro and we’ll recommend a Training Plan that will help you improve.

Make the most of your time in the water with customized, structured Workouts that are 100% tailored to your speed and Skill Level. Training Plans range from 2-12 weeks in length, and can help you reach a variety of goals, including:

  • Getting in shape

  • Losing weight

  • Learning a new stroke

  • Improving endurance

  • Improving speed

  • IM training

  • Stroke technique

  • Open water racing

  • Distance training

  • USRPT training

  • And more!

Check out the full list of Training Plans here and learn how we use our DynamicSwim Algorithm to personalize your training.

Technique Videos

Your Coach subscription includes full access to hundreds of high-definition Technique Videos in the MySwimPro app. Each video includes audio and visual guides, targeted to help you learn new drills and improve your stroke mechanics.

Swim Analytics & Tracking

When paired with a compatible smartwatch, MySwimPro Coach makes it easy to see analytics behind every Swim so you can train more efficiently.

Capture all your data while you swim, then analyze the easy-to-read graphs and charts in MySwimPro to make more informed training decisions. Having all your data in one place makes it easy to track your progress, visualize your next Workout, and reach your goals.

Below are the core Analytics recorded in the MySwimPro app. Data varies depending on your smartwatch model:

  • Heart Rate Analysis*

  • Strokes Per Lap*

  • Lap Splits

  • SWOLF Score*

  • Profile Analytics

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