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MySwimPro provides hundreds of Guided Swim Workouts across Training Plans, a fresh Workout of the Day, and an extensive Workout Library. Workouts are adapted to your Skill Level, and if you’re a MySwimPro Coach subscriber, all intervals are automatically personalized for your speed in the water.

However, there are times when you may need to slightly adjust a Workout to fit your busy schedule, a nagging injury, or travel to a different size pool. No problem!

Personalizing Distance

The MySwimPro SwimGauge™ shows you the total distance, time, calories, laps, Sets, reps, and corresponding Effort Levels for your entire Workout.


Short on time and don’t have 61 min to swim this Workout? Slide the Workout Scaler and MySwimPro’s DynamicSwim Algorithm will quickly adjust every Set in the Workout! Slide the Scaler left to decrease or right to increase the total distance (and corresponding time) of the Workout. Because every Set is dynamically adjusted, you’ll still swim the same overall Workout structure -- just scaled to fit your schedule!

After you move the Scaler, the SwimGauge and Set list below will update to show you the adjusted Workout. For shorter Workouts, the outer ring of the gauge displays single laps as small line ticks (1 tick = 1 lap). For longer Workouts, small circle ticks each represent 4 laps in your selected pool.

MySwimPro considers one length of the pool as one lap. For example, swimming 25 meters in a 25-meter pool would be one full lap or 1 tick on the SwimGauge. Swimming 100 meters would equal four laps or one dot on the SwimGauge.

Personalizing Intervals

No two swimmers are the same, therefore no two Workouts should be the same! You can personalize all the intervals for your Workouts by activating the Personalized Intervals feature in the MySwimPro app. The Personalized Intervals feature makes every swim workout 100% personalized to you. Your rest and interval times are recommended by the DynamicSwim algorithm and tailored to your Skill Level.

*Best Times have been moved to the Swim Profile*

To use Personalized Intervals, you must have a MySwimPro Coach subscription.

STEP 1 – Open the MySwimPro app on your phone and tap Profile.

STEP 2 – Tap Swim Profile, then scroll down to Seed Times to activate the personal coaching algorithm.

STEP 3 – Type in your Best Times from a previous training session for each See time– or you can give yourself a generous guess! Changes will save automatically. When the app detects a change in your speed, you'll be prompted to change your Personalized Interval Settings.

All of your upcoming workouts will be updated with recommended intervals and rest periods that are tailored to your speed and goals.

Set Editing

The SwimGauge shows each Set listed in the Workout. Every Set will have an Effort level color and be split by the number of reps it has.


1 x 400 Free (Easy) would appear green with 1 section.

4 x 100 Free (Sprint) would appear orange with 4 sections.

Tap on a Set in the SwimGauge to open the full Set in the Workout. From here you can view the number of repetitions, distance to be swum for each repetition, stroke type, Interval and the Effort Level for the Set.


If you find that your Set’s interval is too fast, too slow, or you just want to make some changes, tap it on the SwimGauge or in the Set list; then tap the settings icon. From there you can change the stroke, Effort Level, reps, distance, interval, optional equipment, or add a note/instruction. Tap Save to return to the Workout, and the SwimGauge will reflect the updated Set.


To delete a Set, swipe left on the set you want to remove and then tap Delete.


To reset the Workout to the original, tap the Menu icon in the top right then tap Reset To Original.


Set Group Editing

MySwimPro Guided Workouts are written with Set Groups and Sets in a particular order to help you achieve the Workout’s objectives. However, if you need to make changes, tap the Menu icon to the right of the Set Group. From here you can add a Set, add another Set Group, edit the Set Group’s Settings, or delete the Set Group (including all of its Sets).


To re-order Set Groups, press and hold on a Set Group and drag it up or down. You can also press and hold on individual Sets and drag to reorder them within a Set Group. To reset the Workout to the original, tap the Menu icon in the top right then tap Reset To Original.


Pool Selector

Your Intervals can be faster or slower, depending on the length of your pool. Using the Pool Selector tool, easily swap between pool sizes before a Swim, and the Workout will automatically update!

The Pool Selector can be found on the right side of the SwimGauge. Tap the "+" to add a new pool, enter in the pool size then tap Add.


To remove a pool size head to Profile > Swim Profile > My Pools > Force Press on the pool sizer you'd like to remove > Tap Delete. You can save up to five preferred pool distances listed on the Workout screen.

Save A Workout For Later

If you’ve made edits to your Workout but are not ready to swim yet, you can save it to your Library. Tap the Menu icon in the top right > Tap Save to Library > Add a name for your Workout > Tap OK.

You can now find this Workout in the Workout Library when you are ready to swim!


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