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Distance is not updating after touching the wall

There can often be a slight display lag on the rep distance. For example you just touched the wall and look at your watch but see it shows 75/100 still. 99% of the time the watch has accurately recorded your time but needs a moment to update the screen. This delay is more common when the "always on display" is enabled and will also occur on the native apple watch pool mode.

When the watch shows 75/100 (or similar) if you drop your watch to your side and raise it back up, it should refresh.
Unless it is very off, for example, shows 500/1000 when you just finished 1000, it should be tracking everything correctly.
The exception to this is DRILL Sets. DRILL Sets do not record split times at all and will not update your distance until the interval is complete. This is because smart watches cannot record Drill times accurately. Since MySwimPro knows you are doing a drill, we are able to credit you the correct distance. You'll notice these are greyed out and will not update distance at all until the interval is complete. How To Record Accurate Kick Times (Apple Watch)

Distance is being logged as 0 and no splits are being recorded

This is may be because your Apple Health permissions aren't setup correctly. Please double check them by going to the Apple Health app > Tap on your Profile icon > Privacy > Apps. After tapping on MySwimPro, be sure that ALL of the requested permissions are granted.


If Health permissions are correctly enabled but you are still experiencing the issue, please make sure you are on the latest version of watchOS - you can find instructions for updating your Apple Watch here.

If you are on the latest version of watchOS and still experiencing issues, please try restarting your Apple Watch.

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