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Open Water not recording distance or map (Apple Watch)
Open Water not recording distance or map (Apple Watch)
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Open water tracking is most accurate when location services are enabled for MySwimPro. There are two places to check that these permission are enabled if your workout is not recording distance or generating a map:

  1. In the MySwimPro app, head to Profile > Settings > Account Settings, and make sure Open Water Location services is turned on. If the switch is greyed out, you'll have to check for location services settings in your iPhone's Settings app.

  2. Open the iPhone Settings app, find MySwimPro, and check that Location Services access is set to While Using.


If both of these settings are enabled and you are still not recording check your location accuracy and wait for it to switch to "best" before tapping start. Additionally, due to the nature of how Apple Watches record GPS data, Freestyle will have the best results. Apple Watches are unable to reliably track Breaststroke for Open Water swimming.

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