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Test Sets

Measure your performance with Test Sets

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To continuously improve in swimming, it’s important to routinely measure your performance in training. Test sets are a fantastic way to track your progress because after all, what gets measured, gets improved!

What is a Test Set?

A Test Set is a specific workout (or set) designed to collect data on your development and improvement in a particular energy zone. This is the best way to track progress across the season and in your swimming career. Test sets are best when done intentionally and as a part of a greater seasonal training plan. MySwimPro will automatically recommend your next Test Set on the coach tab.

How to use a Test Set?

When the app determines it is time for you to swim a Test Set, it will appear at the top of the Coach Tab. Tap "Learn More" to access information specific to the Test Set you will be doing.


1) Review the workout

*This distance & type of of Test Set will be determined by your Swim Profile Settings*

2) Sync the workout to your smartwatch, or take it to the pool on your phone.

3) Swim!
4) Check your phone to see the full results and individual splits for each rep.

5) Update split times if needed

Repeating Test Sets

The app will regularly recommend that you repeat Test Sets based on your settings and workouts logged. However, if you'd prefer to swim a Test Set early you have the option to swim them at any time.

1) Open the Performance Tab on the Profile screen
2) Tap on the Test Set you'd like to repeat
3) Tap the info icon
4) Tap View Workout
5) Swim!
6) Review your data

Reviewing your data

You can review your Test Set result at any time on the Profile - Performance screen.

1) Tap the Profile tab > Tap Performance
2) Tap on the Test Set you completed
3) Tap on your recent or previous Test Set results
4) Review the workout

*To remove a previous Test Set attempt, swipe left on the Test Set > then tap delete.

Need Support?

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