Starting A Workout

To start a Workout on Tri Tracker:

  1. Select the Workout type you will be completing

  2. If the Workout contains a swim, you will be prompted to pick whether or not it will be swam in open water or in a pool

  3. If you will be swimming in a pool, enter how long the pool is

  4. When the Workout starts, tap the START button. Alternatively, you can delay the start with the Lock + Prepare option.

Transitioning Between Segments

There are two ways to transition between segments (swim, bike, run, or transition) or end the Workout:

  1. Force touch (hard press) the screen and tap on the transition menu icon

  2. Press the two side buttons once at the same time (recommended)



  • When using the side buttons, only a SINGLE press of the two buttons SIMULTANEOUSLY will advance the workout forward.

  • DO NOT press and hold the buttons down- holding them down for five seconds will restart your watch and end your workout.

Deepwater Starts With Tri Tracker

You can turn on water lock before your race by using the Lock + Prepare option instead of Start.

  1. Tap Lock + Prepare

  2. Water lock will turn on and you will see Use Buttons to Start

  3. Press the two side buttons once at the same time (as you do in transitions), and the activity will start immediately!

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