Purchasing a MySwimPro Gift Card is an exciting way to share the gift of swimming!


How To Purchase Gift Cards

1) Head to https://myswimpro.com/gift

2) Choose a subscription option

3) Tap Buy

4) Enter your name and the recipient's name

5) Enter the email address the gift card will be sent to

6) Choose whether to send the gift card instantly or schedule a date for it to be sent

7) Tap Continue

8) Enter an email for the receipt

9) Enter payment information

10) Tap Pay With Card

11) (Optional) Print Gift Card

12) All set!

How To Redeem Gift Cards

Gift cards can only be redeemed through our website and will not work through Google Play or the Apple App store.

1) Head to https://myswimpro.com/coach

2) Choose the option matching the gift card you were sent

3) Choose START ANNUAL (if yearly) OR START MONTHLY (if monthly)

4) Login or Sign up
If you already have an account, make sure to use the same login method

5) Enter your gift card code in the "add promotion code" field

6) Enter your billing information (card will not be charged until after the gift card value has been fully used)

7) Tap Subscribe

8) Open up the app and you should now have access to all of the features!

Gift Card FAQ

Q: Can I choose to print or email my gift?
A: Yes! During checkout you are given the option to schedule when the gift card is emailed to the recipient. Once purchased, you can then print a physical copy of the gift card.

Q: Can I apply a gift card to MySwimPro merch?
A: No, currently gift cards are only available for MySwimPro Subscriptions.

Q: Can I use a coupon code to purchase a gift card?
A: No, currently gift cards are only available at the retail price of MySwimPro

Q: Will I be billed for a subscription renewal if I purchase a gift card for a friend?
A: No, the gift card is a one time purchase and your card information will not be linked to the subscription that uses the gift card. The member using the gift card will be responsible for the subscription renewal.

Q: Can I apply a Gift Card to my current subscription?
A: Yes! However you will need to reach out to support@myswimpro.com to complete this.

Q: Can I purchase a gift card for myself?
A: Yes! During checkout you are given the option to select "yourself" as the recipient.

Q: Can I buy multiple months or years of a subscription?
A: Yes! Just increase the quantity of the pack you are choosing during checkout.

Need Support?

Our Community Champion would love to help! Contact us at support@myswimpro.com

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