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No two swimmers are the same, therefore no two Workouts should be the same! You can personalize all your Workouts by activating the Personalized Intervals feature in the MySwimPro app. This will change how much rest you get in your Workouts.

The video above is slightly out of date. To update your Personalized Intervals: Profile ->Swim Profile ->Seed Times

What Are Personalized Intervals?

Interval = swim time + rest time.

The Personalized Intervals feature makes every swim workout 100% personalized to you. Your rest and interval times are recommended by the coaching algorithm and tailored to your skill level.

If you do a set of 6 x 100s @ 1:30, the interval is one minute and thirty seconds. If you swim this repetition in one minute and 15 seconds, then you’ll have 15 seconds for rest before the next rep.

The personalized intervals are calculated as a function of the number of reps, distance, stroke type, energy zone, and your threshold ability for that particular stroke.

An elite swimmer may be able to do 10 x 100s Freestyle @ 1:10, while a more intermediate swimmer may do that same set of 10 x 100s Freestyle @ 2:00.

When you upgrade to MySwimPro Coach, you unlock the Personalized Intervals feature. With Personalized Intervals, you can trust that every swim set in your Workouts have intervals that are custom-made for your skill level, and speed.


Regular Interval = 6 x 100s @ 1:30
Personalized Interval = 6 x 100s @ 1:25. MySwimPro uses your best times for each stroke to intelligently adjust the intervals on each set to you.

How to Activate Your Personalized Intervals

To use Personalized Intervals, you must have a MySwimPro Coach subscription.

STEP 1 – Open the MySwimPro app on your phone and tap Profile.

STEP 2 – Tap Swim Profile, then scroll down to Seed Times to activate the personal coaching algorithm.

STEP 3 – Type in your Seed Times from a previous training session – or you can give yourself a generous guess! Changes will save automatically. When the app detects a change in your speed, you'll be prompted to change your Personalized Interval Settings.

All of your upcoming workouts will be updated with recommended intervals and rest periods that are tailored to your speed and goals.

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