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Bilateral Breathing

Swimming freestyle and breathing on both right and left sides. Usually every three strokes.

Distance Per Stroke (DPS)

If you're focusing on DPS, you're focused on making your stroke more efficient. The fewer strokes you take per length, the higher your DPS and the more efficient your stroke!

Flip Turn

Physically doing a somersault at the wall to change direction (freestyle and backstroke only). As opposed to an open turn.

Open Turn

Used to change direction at the wall after touching with two hands. Most used during breaststroke and butterfly. As opposed to a flip turn.


A fundamental body position in swimming, streamline is the shape wherein your body produces the least amount of drag with the water.


SWOLF is short for "Swimming Golf"

SWOLF Score = Lap Split + Stroke Count

Your SWOLF score is a rough measure of efficiency, and is calculated per length as the sum of the time it took you to swim the lap, and the number of strokes it took you to swim it.

  • A lower SWOLF score is generally better, since you are going faster with fewer strokes (like a lower golf score is better).

  • SWOLF isn't everything: depending on your technique goal, it may be better to look at time and stroke count separately.

  • SWOLF scores are normalized to a 25 meter pool so you can compare them independent of pool length.

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