If you are having trouble logging in on your watch, you can log in automatically by connecting to Garmin Connect in the MySwimPro app.

First check to see if you are on the latest OS on your devices and the latest version of MySwimPro.
If everything is up to date:

1) Back out of the MySwimPro widget on your watch.
2) Open up MySwimPro on your phone
3) Head to device and integrations
4) Un sync Garmin Sync
5) Re sync
6) You will then be taken to a Garmin Login Screen- login
7) Open Garmin Connect app & start a sync
8) Re open MySwimPro App on watch
9) Reopen MySwimPro Phone app
10) Open the MSP Watch app
11) Try to load a workout

You Should be Set!

*Sometimes all it could require is for you back out of watch app, open up the the MSP phone app, then open up the watch app.

Need Support?

Our Community Champion would love to help! Contact us at support@myswimpro.com or use the messenger.

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